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Q. Why choose Bluecol?

A. Bluecol has been trusted since 1937. All of our products are manufactured in the UK at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Greater Manchester.  Our chemists have developed the very best in winter car care and we know any Bluecol product you use will leave you thoroughly impressed.


Q. What makes Bluecol products unique?

A. Bluecol has been caring for and protecting engines since 1937. Many years of listening to our customers has resulted in a winter car car range suitable for everyone. Our products can protect you through the most extreme winters and can work down to -36°C. Bluecol ‘U’ has a patented formulation and is the only totally clear antifreeze on the market. The unique clear antifreeze will not distort the colour of the antifreeze already in the radiator/expansion tank.


Q. Will Bluecol ‘U’ mix safely with any colour antifreeze?

A. Yes. Bluecol ‘U’ is the only clear antifreeze available on the market and will mix safely with any colour of antifreeze already in the radiator or expansion tank.


Q. Do I need to dilute Bluecol ‘U’?

A. No. Bluecol ‘U’ is already diluted at a ratio of 50:50 with de-ionised water, offering winter protection down to -36°C. No need to dilute. Simply pour in to top up.


Q. Is Bluecol ‘U’ suitable for all makes and models of vehicle?

A. Yes. Bluecol ‘U’ is suitable for ‘topping up’  all antifreeze colours in all makes and model of vehicle. This unique patented antifreeze will revitalise the antifreeze already in the radiator and will not distort the colour of the original antifreeze making it much easier to identify next time you come to do a whole system change.


Q. Does Bluecol Screenwash contain any harmful chemicals?

A. Unlike other screenwashes on the market that are methanol based and harmful when inhaled, Bluecol Screenwash is primarily ethanol based which is proven to be much safer for you and your family.


Q. Does Bluecol Antifreeze contain a bittering agent?

A. Yes. All of our antifreezes contain a safe guarding bittering agent, preventing accidental swallowing. Bitrex is known to be the most bitter substance on the planet, preventing both humans and animals from swallowing any dangerous chemicals.

Q: How can I find out which Bluecol coolant is suitable for use in my vehicle?

A: If you are unsure which coolant to buy for your vehicle you can enter your registration at “Which Oil?” section and it will tell you which coolant your vehicle requires along with any other liquids your vehicle uses such as engine oils and transmission fluids.
Q: I have purchased one of your concentrated antifreeze products, what dilution ratio is recommended?

A: For our concentrated antifreeze products a 50:50 dilution ratio is recommended with de-ionised water, however this can be altered dependent on the level of protection required.
Q: What is the difference between Bluecol antifreeze and Bluecol coolants?

A: Some people believe that these are two entirely different things, with one being for summer and the other for winter. In reality they are exactly the same; the only difference is the name. An antifreeze or coolant protects the radiator from freezing in the winter and over heating in the summer.
Q: At what temperature do Bluecol antifreezes offer protection down to?

A: All of our Bluecol antifreezes and coolants offer protection down to -36°c.
Q: Is Screenwash really necessary? Can I not use water or washing up liquid mix instead?

A: Bluecol screenwash has a distinct advantage over plain water; the most obvious is that Bluecol screenwash will not freeze down to -36°c. Water will freeze and expand in the winter months causing damage to your vehicle. Bluecol screenwash is specially formulated to cut through dirt, grime and insect deposits, which water cannot clean effectively. This grime if left uncleaned has the potential to obscure the driver’s view of the road. Washing up liquid will also freeze when it gets cold and can also deteriorate your vehicles wipers blades very quickly.
Q: How often do I need to change coolant?

A: Coolant should always be changed according to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. This can very from 2 years up to 10.
Q: Are Bluecol Snow Socks a suitable alternative to Snow Chains?

A: Yes, Bluecol Snow Socks offer a greater contact area between the tyre and the snowy road. In winter conditions this equates to better traction for your vehicle which means improved driving performance.
Q: Is Bluecol Radiator Sealant designed for use with a specific coolant or anti-freeze?

A: Bluecol Radiator Sealant is designed to mix with all coolants or anti-freezes already in the system.
Q: What advantages does Bluecol 3 in 1 Screenwash offer over its standard counterpart?

A: Whilst standard Bluecol screenwash offers amazing cleaning power and temperature protection down to -36°C, Bluecol 3-in-1 offers these same properties with the addition of a De-icer to help clear winter frost and rain repellent to improve windscreen visibility in all wet weather conditions.
Q: Is the Bluecol Car to Car Jump Start Charger suitable for use with my vehicle?

A: Due to this products innovative design the Bluecol Car to Car Jump Start Charger can jump start any vehicle with a 12v cigarette lighter socket so long as the donor vehicles battery is in perfect working order.
Q: My Bluecol Magnetic Frost Protector has become dirty through use. How would you recommend cleaning this product?

A: The Bluecol Magnetic Frost Protector is made from durable nylon meaning that it is machine washable.
Q: Is it ok to continue onto clear roads after driving through snow with the Bluecol Snow Sock covering my vehicles wheels?

A: Bluecol snow socks are specially designed to improve traction in snowy or icy conditions. This however means that these snow socks are not suitable for use when driving on cleared roads as the tarmac will damage the fabric so it is advised that the snow socks are removed once you have reached roads not covered in snow or ice.
Q: What is the difference between Anti-freeze/Coolant, De-Icer and Screenwash?

A: Anti-freeze and coolant are often mistaken for two separate fluids required by a vehicle whilst in reality they are simply two names given to the same fluid, this fluid both cools the engine and prevents overheating and also prevents this fluid from freezing during winter months. De-icer is a different fluid which is used to clear the windscreen and windows of a vehicle from frost, ice or snow and can come in a handheld trigger bottle or aerosol or can be incorporated into certain screenwash. screenwash is a fluid which is poured into the windscreen washer bottle and contains cleaning agents to help keep the vehicle windscreen clear whilst driving and is also resistant to freezing.
Q: What is the difference between a winter Screenwash and an all-seasons/summer screenwash?

A: The difference between these two screenwashes is that they are designed to help clean/clear the windscreen of different season specific substances. An all season screen wash will contain cleaning agents which remove grime, dirt and insect deposits to ensure clear vision. A winter screenwash, such as Bluecol 3-in-1 winter screenwash, will include specially developed de-icer to help maintain clear vision in snowy or icy conditions. Similarly summer screenwash, such as Bluecol 3-in-1 summer screenwash, contains specially developed bug wash to help clean the vehicle windscreen from bug deposits which are far more common in the warmer months of the year. These 3-in-1 screenwashes come with an added rain repellent to help drivers with the inevitable British rain which is likely to fall in any month, winter or summer.