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Bluecol Winter Power Pack
Power pack

Ever been in a rush on a winter’s morning and found your car frozen outside? When you need to De-Ice your windows quickly to get on the move? Well Bluecol’s new ‘Winter Power Pack’ holds the key to all your winter problems.
Bluecol is the No.1 premium antifreeze brand in the UK and has cared for and protected engine cooling systems since 1937. With a Bluecol product to suit every user, the ‘Winter Power Pack’ contains everything you need to keep you motoring in the cold winter months.
Bluecol ‘Sub Zero’ De-Icer melts ice fast & prevents freezing down to -36°C.
Bluecol ‘Sub Zero’ Screenwash quickly removes dirt, grime and salt deposits from windscreens. Its non-smear formula guarantees fantastic results and will also prevent the windscreen washer fluid from freezing up to -36°C.
The most innovative, advanced product in the Bluecol ‘Winter Power Pack’ is Bluecol ‘U’. Suitable for all vehicles, Bluecol ‘U’ is a ready mixed antifreeze which can be added safely to all colours and types of antifreeze. Bluecol ‘U’ is the only clear antifreeze available in the UK and it provides 5 years protection for the cooling system
Also included in this premium winter gift pack, a new car scent Bluecol air freshener and highly absorbent demister pad.
When the temperatures drop and you need products you can trust the Bluecol ‘Winter Power Pack’ is ideal.



Product Specifications

Stored Size
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Height: 27 cm
  • ProductNumber: BWP100