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Magnetic Frost Protector
Magnetic Frost Protector

The Bluecol Magnetic Frost Protector is an all season durable nylon windscreen protector that will attach to the vehicle in seconds. The 7 strong magnets attach to the car body work and the Frost Protector stretches over the vehicle windscreen, protecting from ice, snow, sun, leaves, sap and bird droppings.

Suitable for all cars – can use on front and back windscreens
Keeps car interior cool in the summer
Folds neatly in integrated storage pouch – store in glove box
Machine washable durable nylon



Product Specifications

Boxed / Stored Size
  • Width: 17.8 cm
  • Length: 19.8 cm
  • Height: 31 cm
  • ProductNumber: BWW001
  • When in use
  • width: 160 cm
  • Length: 96.5 cm
  • 1. Fold out frost protector to full size.
  • 2. Locate magnets on one side of the frost protector.
  • 3. Place magnets on one side of the windscreen so the frost protector is fully stretched out.
  • 4. Repeat process on other side of windscreen so frost protector is stretched over the entire windscreen.
  • 5. Ensure the frost protector covers the windscreen and is secure. Re-position magnets if required.