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Subzero Screen Wash 1L
Bluecol Screenwash sub zero 1L

Bluecol Concentrated screen wash contains powerful cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt, grime and insect deposits from windscreens without smearing, for better and safer visibility in all driving conditions. Bluecol Concentrated Screenwash also offers winter protection down to -36°C when used neat to help prevent the washer bottle contents from freezing and to clean the windscreen washer system which helps prevent bacterial growth. Bluecol Concentrate screen wash will not damage wiper blades or rubber seals and is compatible with modern polycarbonate and plexiglass head lights.


Bluecol Concentrated Screenwash contains a bittering agent to prevent accidental swallowing and consequential harmful effects to humans and animals.



Product Specifications

  • Width: 6.2 cm
  • Length: 10.4 cm
  • Height: 23 cm
  • ProductNumber: BLS010
  • 1. Dilute screenwash accordingly. Dilute 5-10% in normal conditions, 20-30% in winter conditions, 33-50% in severe winter conditions.
  • 2. Remove screenwash reservoir cap and pour diluted screenwash to desired fill level.
  • 3. Replace Cap.
  • Bluecol Screenwash (%)     Approx. winter protection (°C.)
  •            Neat- 100%                  -36
  •            75%                                -27
  •            50%                                -18
  •            25%                                -9
  •            10%                                -3